Information, advice, photos and tips for getting through the wedding planning without losing your mind.

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How to Plan Your Engagement Session

A few tips to get your started and make it a little less scary. 

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Tips for Planning Your Vegan Wedding

"Being a vegan gives you super powers?" 

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Recommended Vendors + Venues

So many great vendors and venues in Austin. Click through to see which ones are my favorite.

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Feminist Wedding Planning Tips

Whether you're planning something tradition or untraditional, make sure it's what you and your partner want.

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How to Elope in Austin

Planning something smaller with just your favorite people? Get in touch or click below for some tips.

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Tips for Planning Your Timeline

A few tips for making sure your timeline makes a little more sense and you can spend more time having fun at your wedding.

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Ready for Wedding Photography?

How to be better prepared for wedding photography so you get all the photos you really want.

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Saving Your Photos for the Long Term

Have you backed up your files recently? 
For your peace of mind and mine, make a plan to do it soon if you haven't already.

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Make your wedding more Eco-Friendly

Love this planet we love on? Here are a few ways to help keep it green