How to Plan Your Engagement Session

Engagement sessions can be painless and relaxed. 

Step 1: Figure out two things: what you want your photos to look like and what you don't want your photos to look like. Start a collection of photos you've seen on the internet that you love using Pinterest, Trello, Slack or my personal favorite Evernote. Describing what you want as well as showing examples can be super helpful.

Step 2: Do your research, chances are there is photographer who's tried out your vision - see what they did and how you can make it specific to you or how you can improve it.

Step 3: Choose a photographer who will listen to your ideas and collaborate with you. Work with someone who's excited about doing something different and who has ideas to contribute.

Step 4: Pick two locations you love and let your photographer pick the third based on all the information you've given them. They might choose something totally different, but you may end up with photos you didn't expect and that you love.

Extra Tips:

  • Wear clothes that make you feel great and shoes you don't mind walking in and maybe even jumping or running in

  • Make sure your partner is on the same page and knows what to expect

  • Grab some light food and drinks beforehand - there's nothing worse than being hungry for two hours.

Questions to ask yourself:

Here are a few questions to help make sure you get the engagement photos you really want. Remember, there's no wrong answer!

  • Do you want these photos to tell a story about what you and your partner love to do together? Or places you love to go together? 
  • Or would you rather your photos to be somewhere beautiful, where you and your partner are the main focus?
  • Are these photos going to be used for a save the date? Make sure to mention this to your photographer and ask about their turnaround time to make sure the photos get to the printer in time.

Now, the time has come(!) to show you a few of my favorite engagement photos.

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