Ben and Kate // Vista West Ranch Wedding

After watching Ben and Kate's proposal videos and crying in my coffee in the middle of the afternoon before even meeting them, I realized that I should probably keep a box of tissues at my desk and that big thoughtful gestures are still worth doing. Shooting their wedding and meeting their friends and family, I quickly learned both are individually awesome in their own right and together so so so beloved by everyone they know. 

A few great things about this wedding:

  • Kate's shoes that were adorned with lace from her mother's veil.

  • Each of Ben's groomsmen trying to tie a windsor knot.

  • Taking a nighttime silhouette portrait of their two friends who didn't mind holding each other for an amazing photo (see the very last photo in this post :D )

  • All of the other vendors at this wedding! The music was sooo good(so many Prince songs), the food was delicious, the venue was perfect, and all the florals were beautiful. Check out the list at the bottom of this post for links to those vendors.

  • The perfect golden hour light that was timed just right for bride and groom portraits.


  • Just got back from Chicago and Brooklyn and saw Sufjan perform songs from Illinois in Chicago, which made 2006 me very happy. Saw some of the best people I know and tried my best to just enjoy both cities without feeling pressured to get touristy, which is decidedly my favorite way to travel.

  • Shot my second out of state wedding in Brooklyn! Prepping for a wedding outside of Austin, where so much more can go wrong is a little stressful but everything went well and I met yet another kind wedding photographer, Michelle over at Wandermore Photography irl.

  • Saw the ladies behind Austin While Black this week speak about starting community based projects. Make sure to check out their amazing work here. Shout out to #bossbabesatx for creating so much great programming for the awesome women of Austin.

  • Looking for a resort type of spot in Austin for an upcoming shoot - if you know of one give me a shout.