Cristen and Chris // Atlanta Goat Farm Wedding

When I met Cristen and Chris for the first time, I was sitting on floor of my bedroom in Austin, while they were in Atlanta via google Hangouts. Immediately, I knew they were both hilarious, smart and super in love. On their wedding day, lot of great people came together to make this awesome event happen and here is a super candid and heartfelt recap by the bride Cristen:

All the things that made this wedding great:

  • The venue! The Goat Farm is one of those special places that brings a lot of forward thinking and talented people together. I hadn't been there since I was in school a billion years ago and it's changed SO MUCH over the years. So many awesome people, animals, and companies live and work at The Goat Farm. If you're ever in Atlanta, it's definitely worth a visit. Make sure to see and feed the goats!  
  • Buddy the dog and his outfit
  • Family Photo time: Always one of the best parts of the wedding and it turns out asking a group of children to jump as high as they can makes for awesome photos
  • The New York Times coverage of this wedding and the super talented NYT photographer Bryan Meltz who also covered the event.
  • All the DIY details that they and their friends helped supply: custom beer, the hanging paper chandelier, and the (very delicious)food
  • The art installations that were left up during this wedding:
    • Cabinets by David Baerwalde
    • Sailors Valentine by Justin Rabideau
    • Super awesome glowy shapes hanging from the ceiling whose maker I can't seem to find on the web


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Updates about me:

Five weddings, one feminist photo vacation, and many planes rides later I'm in Austin and all my summer travel plans have been checked off. Currently, I'm catching up on some work and trying to figure out what next year's travel plans are. Being able to visit different cities, visit with friends and photograph lovely peoples' weddings is pretty much the best.

Vendor Team:

2nd Shooter: Michelle Wood
DJ: Sloan Lee: Sloan Lee Music
Florals: French Market Flowers: French Market Flowers
Food: Chef David Sturgis (friend + Goat Farm resident chef)
Cake: Marie Bobel (friend)
Bridal party hair: Mimi Lee, Shear Love
Bridal party makeup: Serena Jenkins