Stacy and Mark // Ma Maison Elopement

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 My favorite things about this wedding:

  • Stacy and Mark's decision to get married just the way they wanted, with their most important people present. The only guests at this wedding were their 5 combined children. A small wedding means there aren't 100+ people waiting on you and the pressure is off. You can take your time and relax.

  • Even though it was small, they made sure to have take care of the details, including their sweet engraved rings, paper flowers, Stacy's wedding dress.

  • The folks at Ma Maison for being so accommodating of this small wedding.

  • The Austin weather for cooperating. Spring in Austin means forecasts of 100% chance of rain and then finding yourself completely dry and wondering why anyone even tries to forecast the weather. :)

  • Learning the number of pieces the glass breaks into will also be the number of years you will be together.

  • Watching this awesome family of 7 fit under one tallit. <3


  • I'll be bouncing around the U.S. (NYC, Chicago, and LA) this summer to work and visit some of my favorite people, meet some new people and photograph some excellent people's weddings.

  • Equality Florida is still accepting donations for the families of the victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting. Make sure to donate here.

  • United State of Women happened: watch it here - you can start with the end like I did and watch Michelle Obama and Oprah speak because duh.

  • My first real spring wedding season just wrapped and my hands are happy.

  • Invested in another camera to take on trips and take more photos on the daily. Carrying around my Canon 5DMkiii just isn't something I'm going to do on a day to day basis. My main goal was to get something that wouldn't break the bank and that I would be okay with losing, breaking, or dropping in water without losing my mind. It's a used Sony a6000 with a 20mm lens (since it's cropped it ends up being a true 35mm) and it's awesome.

  • Just shot a whole slew of styles for Prem Shakti for their website. Their upcycled sari fabrics are really stunning in person. They are still working on their website but in the meantime I'll be looking for an LA based model to shoot while I'm out there. Reach out if you are interested.

// Shot on Canon 5D Mkiii