Best of 2017

Turns out it is super difficult to choose the best of the year from your own work. These photos are a mix of what y'all loved most on Instagram, the photos that made me smile the most, the ones that have the most joy and just a few of the photos that make me feel like the superstar photographer I want to be. Yes, there are two grandmas in this post and no I will not apologize for that :). Scroll all the way down for the two photos of kids being crazy awesome that makes me lol every single time I see them. Also this year I learned that I love a bride spinning in her dress because it looks awesome every single time.

I should also mention that I have 3 more weddings that aren't included because they just happened or are about to happen. Shoutout to all the amazing second photographers and clients this year that made photographing these weddings more fun. Looking through all these photos makes me feel like I've come a long way and improvement and consistency are part of that growth. In 2018, I'd want to introduce even more creativity, weirdness, and joy.

Best Wedding Moments of 2017

Best Engagement Moments of 2017