Wedding Book

Wedding Book

from 510.00
  • 12"x12" Beautiful hardcover book

  • Album Design

  • 2 Opportunities to make changes

  • Luxe linen fabric cover

  • Custom name embossing

  • HD printing

  • Option of 20, 30, or 40 spreads (A spread is 2 pages: left side + right side)

  • First names will be embossed and centered on the front of the book

  • All sales are final.

# of spreads:
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How do I make sure the photos I love the most are included in the album? How does this work?

  1. After buying your album here, head on over to your online gallery and create a new favorites list called "Engagement Album" or "Wedding Album".

  2. Choose 50-100ish of your favorite photos and give me a heads up that you're done choosing your favorites.

  3. I'll design a layout based on the images you've selected and I'll send you a PDF to review.

  4. You'll review the PDF thoroughly and email me any changes you have. You'll have one more opportunity to do this before any extra charges apply.

  5. After you've given me the final approval, I'll send it off to be printed.

  6. You receive a beautiful album in the mail to enjoy for years to come.

How long before I receive my album?

You will receive your album 4-8 weeks after the layout is finalized.

Can I add more spreads later on if I decide I need more?

Yes, you can add more spreads. Make sure to purchase any additional spreads through this shop.