An online photo and video interview series with Latinx people in Austin, Texas. This past year has taught me the importance of telling our own stories and the power of putting something positive out into the world. I'm doing this for myself and for anyone else that needs a reminder now and then that Latinx peoples are living and thriving.

How do I participate? Fill out the questionnaire below and schedule a time get your photo taken.

How do I nominate someone to be part of the series? Click here. Or send them this page.

Who can participate? Anyone that's both in Austin and considers themselves part of the Latinx community.

Where will my interview and photo be used or featured? and here on my website

Become part of the LatinxVoices project!

Step 1: Schedule a time to get your photo taken. Click here to schedule your time. 

Step 2: Fill out the questionnaire below

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For example. I identify as a Bolivian-American woman of indigenous descent and more broadly as Latinx. Keep it as simple or detailed as you wish. :)
This can include latinx owned or operated businesses, projects, non-profits, artists, makers, etc.
social media, website, etc.