New York Trip 2014

I'm surfing the web, looking for some new recipes for the week, and of course I'm gchatting with a friend of mine, Muriel. We're discussing current craft projects, foods we ate or want to eat, and any Atlanta happenings. In about a span of 5 minutes, we started discussing how cool it would be to go to NYC to see friends, buy fabric, and eat everything, then found tickets, and set a date. This ended being one of the better decisions of this year.

Here's a few scenes from this trip:

South African food is delicious. I really had no idea what to expect. I had an advisor who was South African once, he was both full of great advice and not at all hesitant to call you a peasant. There's also Nelson Mandela, Die Antwoord, the movie District 9, so I really had no idea what to expect food wise.

We ended up at a wonderful place called Madiba in the neighborhood of Fort Greene in Brooklyn. We had the bobotie, samosas, salad, and farm raised ostrich carpaccio. (see interior below)

B&H | The best vegetarian restaurant in New York

We were also able to make it to Dim Sum at Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant. As soon as you went in you were taken to a round table in a very large room where we had a view of the lobster tanks and all of the other folks from various asian countries enjoying dim sum in Queens on a Sunday. Afterwards we walked around what was a primarily asian neighborhood, complete with dried mushrooms, bento boxes, and korean pastries for sale.

We also ended up at a pie shop. Read more about these great folks. 

The main reason for this trip was to go to Mood and buy up all the wonderful fabrics. We had some trouble finding it at first. Just so you know, go through the glass doors, get on an elevator and tell the elevator operator you'd like to go to Mood. When you arrive, you're surrounded by walls filled up to the brim with fabric. There are lots of nice and knowledgeable people there to help you find what you need(in my case it was George). Since starting DianaInAtlanta on Etsy I've been searching high and low online and in Georgia for fabric resources, but the price and quality can't compare to go to an actually store, feeling the fabric, and experiencing it face to fabric. By the time I was done choosing and getting fabric cut, I headed to the register, only to find out I stayed within my budget. GIANT SIGH OF RELIEF...which only led to me buying some new all evens right?

As you know we also spent a lot of time on the subway and a lot of time walking, everything is walkable and cars are mainly just for large deliveries or a nuisance, and you end up seeing so much more on foot.

Thanks for getting through this long post.

What are you favorite places to visit in NYC?