Diana in Atlanta and other craft adventures

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Recently, I started my own Etsy shop (dianainatlanta.etsy.com), its something I've been meaning to do for a long time. As usual, I made excuses: I was busy with this or that, I was tired, and I just wanted to relax and watch too many episodes of Parenthood, then I was laid off. It wasn't shocking but it was sad nonetheless. At first, I relaxed and watched too much Netflix. After too many interviews, I started working on setting up my Etsy shop, and I have to say its one of the best things I've done in a while.

It combines my love for design, textiles, photography, fabric stores, sewing, and small business. I love it and I love the community around it.

What they say is true "Starting is the hardest part", whenever I feel bogged down by all the side projects I love to start, I remind myself to "just start", its relaxing and it works.

Here is Diana In Atlanta so far:

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Recent fall listing and my order for Spoonflowerswatches.

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Stamp carving project for Diana In Atlanta. Its easier than you think and quick to get started. Tip: Start with simple shapes :)

Fabric Road Trip to Snellville. Its funny that I can find the best fabric selection in 'burbs of Georgia and New York City. See my NY post for that time I went to Mood in NY and found my happy place.

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Important piece of the puzzle right here, it was a Christmas gift from my future mother-in-law who, that I am so grateful for.

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Experimenting with different products using leftover fabric pieces. I used this Wire Bow DIY post from Skunkboy blog as a guide.

I've known how to crochet for a while, but recently I read up on the subject and found a world of patterns and youtube videos all over the internet, much easier to pick up than knitting. Although I wouldn't mind becoming a wrinkly old lady that is also a master knitter and makes quilts that blow your mind.

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That time my fiancé and I helped Molly Rose Freeman sweep and paint the underbelly of a bridge on the Beltline in Atlanta. Being there made both of us wish we were muralists. "A computer programmer and a photographer quit their day jobs to become muralists" We probably won't quit our days jobs any time soon, but that doesn't mean we can't also make a mural.

As you can see, I like trying new things, and Diana In Atlanta is a result of that. Scarves are my entry, but I have plans for more.

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