Jester King Engagement Session

Photographer Marketing Tip: Tell people you are a photographer, be kind, repeat.

Jester King Engagement:

Sometimes, the exact couple whose wedding you should be shooting finds you and they are ready to climb a hill, drink beer, and run in a field for their engagement session. Melanie and Alec are true gems and are really one of the funnest couples I've met since moving to Austin. Making "Getting to know you" questionnaires part of the whole engagement process has made a significant impact on the the resulting photos and the whole experience. I got to know more about them and they got engagement photos that were personal to who they are.

We visited the "Welcome to Austin" mural, Jester King Brewery, and took a few photos at their place with their sweet dog. The result is a well rounded gallery of photos with a ton of options and a few dog portraits. 

Updates about me: 

  • I've been editing and delivering photos like a mad woman. Will I ever be able to let someone else edit my photos? Probably not.
  • I waited a couple of hours too long and missed the sign up for Heck Yeah Photo Camp. I was trying to decide between that or the Canada Photo Convention. Looks like I'm going Canada! Now the question is Toronto or Vancouver? Leaning towards Vancouver
  • I'm still in the middle of reading Big Magic. Not every passage is for me but overall it's super encouraging. I probably won't read Eat Pray Love any time soon.
  • I bought a 3D film camera, which means I will be making film based GIFs. 
  • SXSW is happening and knowing that I've been within a mile from the Obamas feels pretty great. I also signed up to go to a puppy party, so I think I'm doing things right.
  • I won't be visiting Atlanta 10 times this year but I will be there in May and for Thanksgiving.
  • Now that Neko Atsume is a part of my life, I'm seriously considering buy this patch for the jean jacket I don't yet wear or own.
  • Started listening to This Feels Terrible podcast and it's been the opposite of terrible.
  • I saw Damn Gina improv yesterday at Babes Fest and it was amazinngggg. If you're in Austin, go see them!
  • I've gotten so many compliments and saved myself hours of back pain by investing in this camera holster from HoldFast. They also have a vegan option that I will probably also buy.

 Now for some golden hour engagement photos: