Kat and Adam // Pelham Bay & Split Rock Golf Courses Wedding

I've been looking forward to posting this wedding for a while now. In case you don't already know how awesome Kat and Adam are. Please go check out their respective works on their youtube channels TheeKatsMeoww and ProjectBronx. They both make work that's inspiring and important. I first found Kat on the internet, when her video explaining the difference between Hispanic and Latino popped up in my feed. I immediately found her on twitter and never looked back.

Favorite things about this wedding:

  • No officiant! Kat and Adam officiated their own wedding and it was awesome. Somehow I really never considered this option and I really loved it.
  • Their Peruvian band playing "Condor Pasa" was excellent. I grew up hearing this song a lot and even played it at my own wedding so it made me tear up a bit. It's a classic and knowing it will win you lots of Bolivian and Peruvian hearts.
  • Their reception was the reception to end all receptions. By far my favorite DJ so far, and I know Kat and Adam had a heavy hand in the playlist, which also contributed to the reception awesomeness. Maybe Kat and Adam should also be djs?
  • The venue! The venue was awesome and had lots of good spots for photo ops which the venue coordinator knew all about and lent us golf carts to get to them. 
  • If you're debating getting a white tent for your reception, go ahead and book it. See the lighting results below.
  • Last but not least - their families and friends on the dance floor.