2015: Year In Review

Let’s just get straight to it. This year has been straight up crazy. Even today, I feel like I’m still racing to complete 2015. I moved to Texas, got married and started shooting weddings. Three things I said I’d never do.

Moving to Austin has brought out the best in me. It’s forced me to break through all kinds of anxieties and face up to beliefs about myself, my career and my relationships. Pursuing photography full time has opened all kinds of doors and helped me form friendships with other small business owners who are both inspiring and a huge comfort. Moving has also made me realize that despite my awkwardness, making friends and keeping friends shouldn’t be difficult.

Needless to say I’m ready to run into 2016, while still celebrating what a great year 2015 was and still is! Tonight Mark and I will be celebrating both CT and EST midnights. No end of the year post is complete with out some goals for 2016. Let me know if we have overlapping goals and how you stay on track. 

Here are mine:

  • Blog, blog, and blog some more // I'm not afraid to admit my blog game needs help.
  • Collaborate with other photographers (message me about collaborating - I’ll say yes!)
  • Finally start my super secret project I’ve been marinating on since February about friendship
  • Start shooting film…AGAIN!
  • Sign up for 3 - 5ks this year
  • Do another photo series! Click here for the “I feel love” photo series
  • Send physical mail to a friend
  • Finish unpacking…AGAIN!
  • Brave the streets of Austin on my bike! 
  • Shoot a wedding abroad
  • Learn how to shoot video
  • Become a better writer
  • Find a photo studio in Austin

Now for some great photos from 2015: