My name is Diana and I'm a photographer based out of Austin, Texas.

I'm originally from Atlanta. I care about diversity, being the best photographer, small business and meeting people from different backgrounds who are making the world more awesome for everyone. I love cooking complicated recipes, daydreaming about adopting a second dog, travel, and visiting every plant shop in town. I met my husband in a coffee shop 8 years ago and we've been bouncing around this world and eating Korean food together ever since. My family is from Bolivia, which puts me in the first generation club and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

I love taking photos of people and the amazing things they do. If you're local to Austin and we should be friends or work together, message me!

When it comes to photography, I've got a background in fancy commercial work but these days I mainly take photos of people in love. Usually you can find me editing, planning our next trip, or walking in the woods with Mark.

Current Favorites:
Still Processing
Black Mirror
Collecting plants and trying not to kill them
Buying vintage film cameras
Fancy ramen
Korean BBQ
DIY Projects
Watching all the Harry Potter movies on HBO
Unconventional Weddings

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