On this on below I just copy and pasted the link and chose to display the caption(you can edit this in the same box where you paste the video link into), which was the text that came with the video from Youtube.

This video is an ode to my mom's amazing bread! Optometrist by day, bread baker by night. Watch this video, and you can be a pro, too. She shows you how to make a sour cream challah bread. She's been making this bread for literally as long as I can remember.

For the video below, I just copy and pasted the the same link like the last one, but I chose to add a thumbnail(which has nothing to do with the video), but it still goes to the same page. I also chose not to display a caption, so you can see what that looks like. Both of these are from youtube.

Sample header

Both of these videos are from VIMEO and require payment. The one on the left has display caption on. They are smaller because I put them into 2 columns. To do that first I uploaded them stacked like the first two up top then I dragged the second next to the first until I saw the black line next to it, then I released my click and poof! 2 columns!

Anton Krupicka's running has evolved from trails to mountains to free-soloing. Filmed over a season "In the High Country" -- thin air, river baths, and itinerant mountain living. A new short film from the Wolpertinger coming Summer 2013. Film by Joel Wolpert Produced by the Wolpertinger Made possible by Ultimate Direction With additional support from , ,, Music 'Seeding' by Tyler Keene "Rim of the Well' by Rim of the Well Color Grading and Titles by Coat of Arms

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